10 Reasons You Should NEVER Move to Alaska

You probably wake up every morning and say to yourself "I wish I lived in Alaska".

There are over 3 million lakes, dozens of active volcanoes, 10,000 glaciers and a coastline that just goes on and on.  But don't be fooled!  Alaska is not all it's cracked up to be.

Here are 10 really good reasons to avoid moving to Alaska:

1. Too Much Darkness

If you're living near Fairbanks, the shortest day of the year has only 3 hours and 45 minutes of sunlight.  Even worse, if you're living in Barrow, you get a whopping 67 days of darkness.  Yes, that's right.  You won't see the sun at all for just over 2 months.

Alsaka Darkness

2.  Too Much Sunlight

Alaska has what is known as the "Midnight Sun".  It's not uncommon for your neighbor to be mowing his lawn while the rest of the country sleeps.

Alaska too much sunlight

3.  It's cold!

When the first snow falls in Alaska, they call it "Termination Dust".

Alaska too cold

4.  No sense of style

Before you grab it off the rack, be sure to ask yourself "Would Laura Ingalls wear this?".

Alaska poor clothing style

5.  Wild animals

They may (literally) cross your path quite often. You'll have to learn proper moose etiquette. Oh, and get used to road kill.

Alaska wild animals in city

6.  Trophies

When arriving at your neighbors next fondue party, don't expect to see football and basketball trophies laying around.  You'll probably find Elk, Moose, Bear and Wolf heads lining the walls.  So forget the chocolate, bring a dead rabbit, your neighbor will love you for it.

Alaska animal trophies on walls

7.  High cost of living

Rent and food costs much more than the rest of the US.

Alaska high cost of living

8.  Rape capitol

Look out ladies!  There is one sex offender in Alaska for every 293 people—compare that to one for every 450 people for the national average. Sorry South Dakota, you'll have to settle for second.   (Please note graphic below is misleading.  Alaska is NOT an Island.  We've actually found from our research that many young Americans believe Alaska is an island because of this very map.)

Alaska rape capital

9.  Mosquitoes

Without protective gear and spray, you could be bitten hundreds of times in just two minutes.

Alaska mosquitos

10.  Sarah Palin

Alaska Sarah Palin
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