Football vs Football (Soccer) - Which is Better?

Football vs. Football vs. Soccer vs. American Football vs. Futbol vs. Gridiron.

These two sports have the same name but they’re completely different games. One is played mostly with the "feet" and the other mostly with the "hands".  Either way, the fans generally think their sport is better. I think we've got a case of Fan Rivalry!

Let's find out which sport wins the Mad Cow Showdown!  For the sake of clarity, we'll call them NFL and Soccer.  Let's go!


Soccer: Played exclusively with the feet and the ball.
NFL: Played mostly with hands and an egg.
Winner: Soccer

soccer vs handegg nfl football


NFL: Television Match Official (TMO)
Soccer: GLT finally introduced at World Cup 2014, but TMO still not allowed.  Reason: Any goals allowed or disallowed will have huge monetary effects on business.  The decision is not for the benefit of the game, rather the benefit of big business.
Winner: NFL

soccer vs nfl football technology


Soccer: 204 countries compete for the World Cup
NFL: There's a world outside the USA?
Winner: Soccer

Soccer vs nfl football audience countries


NFL: 400 Million
Soccer: 3.5 Billion
Winner: Soccer
soccer vs football fanbase audience


NFL: Loud, Drunk & Forgiving (We'll win it next year)
Soccer: Has more violence-related fan injuries and deaths than any other game. It is also the one sport where the fans have killed players & referees.
Winner: NFL

Soccer Football Fans riot fight meme


Soccer: Cleats, Jersey and Shorts
Football: Spandex, pads, helmets and more pads
Winner: Soccer



Soccer: Soccer players pretend they're hurt
NFL: Football players pretend they're not
Winner: NFL

Soccer vs nfl football injury meme


Soccer: Jog > Run > Walk > Sprint > Run > Sprint > Jog > for 90 minutes.
NFL: Run > Wait > Hang On > Waiting > Taking a Break > Still Waiting > Next Play Yet?
Winner: Soccer

Soccer vs NFL Football stamina meme


NFL: Sometimes bad calls are made, but most are correct.
Soccer: Ref's are blind and never have to own up to a mistake. Soccer has been rated numerous times as the worst officiated sport in the world.
Winner: NFL

Soccer vs Football Referees dumb


Soccer:  "I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league." - Mark Viduka
NFL:  “The word ‘genius’ isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.” - Joe Theisman
Winner: Tie

soccer vs football dumb


NFL: 1/0
Soccer: 0/1
Winner: NFL

soccer vs football testosterone


NFL: A clear champion is determined every year.
Soccer: You got the World Cup, the Kings Cup, the Confederations Cup, the FA Cup, the UEFA Cup, the Copa Libertadores, the Copa America, the European Championship, the Champions League, the Summer Olympic Football.  Who's the champ? Who knows. 
Winner: NFL

NFL Championship


6-6 TIE!

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