Why is Ganesh on Tinder and Why Can’t he Get Any?

In a time where taboos are mounting and free speech is dangerous, a Canadian animation firm is not afraid to push a few buttons–or in this case, swipe a few selfies. 

Smoking Doors–creators of the animated series Impotents–entered bold new territory when they leveraged dating platforms as a means of promoting their characters. 

My other ride is your mom - Ganesh

Impotents tells the story of would-be gods coexisting in the modern world. In strong contrast to the common perception of these deities; these characters–mainly Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh and Missy (née Artemis)–are young, helpless, and flawed (hence the name of the show). 

Starting with Ganesh, the Indian elephant god, Smoking Doors launched a campaign with custom artwork and write-ups all in the spirit of the character. The product–a dating nightmare. 

This version of Ganesh, again in complete opposition to the hindu holy figure, is well, a bit of a douche. The profile page content, packed full of typos, reads like that of a horny fourth-grader. His profile pics include the token, shirtless bathroom selfie; him leaning against (what’s obviously) someone else’s Lamborghini; and finally a ride in the back of a tuk tuk with two (possibly professional) Thai ladies (yeah maybe not ladies). 

Ganesh partying with bitches

Smoking Doors promptly blasted this blasphemy out to Tinder, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish. Through some unknown means, they claim to have reached an audience of over 80,000 people (male and female included). This all in attempt to have people follow a link to one of their social media sites. 

The results? Maybe a like or two. 

So what could have possibly gone wrong? Can it be that the world’s not open to religious satire? Is the profile page content really that tasteless? Or, do people simply don’t have the patience for promotion in this oh-so wholesome arena. 

Ganesh Selfie on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish

I’d go with the latter. In this ad-ubiquitous, online world, it would seem that the dating platforms provide at least some sanctuary from all the product and service plugging. More importantly, what do cartoons have to do with getting laid? 

Well, nice try Smoking Doors, E for Elephant but some things are sacred.
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